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Last year turned out to be a complicated one. Aside from everything we’ve read and heard about it being the worst, my own life took a serious turn that as any other took a certain toll.

But everything has turned out for the best. An unusual life project has fallen into my lap and my professional career has undertaken a major twist. A complete new set of skills is necessary, and learning and practice are right there at the front of the line.

The latest field that must be mastered is writing. Whether it is copywriting, a complete screenplay, or anything in between, it has become a daily habit. The best way I know to achieve proficiency in any discipline is practice. And that brings us back to this post.

Contributing to the company blog is certainly a minimum requirement in this new line of work. And once I sat down to write my first entry, the obvious question came up: What shall I write about?

After over an hour of deep soul searching and of course, watching a fly move around the room with no particular agenda, the answer never came. However, what did come up was a second question that was even harder: Why am I writing?

Well, I do have a motive, as I previously explained. And I even have an endgame of further developing my skills. But the true reason I will be doing it is another, entirely.

Books were always around me during my childhood. Every member of my family was always immersed in one story or another. My father could be reading a couple of novels at a time, while having breaks for three or four different magazines. Mother and brothers were no lesser bookworms. It is safe to say that although the joy for reading was also passed on to me, I was by far the underdog in that particular affair. I am more of a dreamer. And one specific dream that has been shaping itself in my head for years now, is the one where I become the source of those stories others pour themselves over. Being able to create characters and situations that are interesting for a reader; that are capable of transporting to different realities or dimensions; where passion, adventure, imagination and reason fuel what happens next; gripping souls and minds, and even hearts, for days and beyond with ideas that have come from my thoughts. I want to have people hanging at the edge of their seats in expectation of what’s next, no matter what.

So there you have it. I’ll be sharing stuff here about this new experience and how it is panning out. We’ll find each other every week.

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Ricardo Luna

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  1. El Jeros

    18 Jan 2017 - 04:38 AM

    My dear friend. I believe that writing would be, not only a way of communication for you, but a path to creativity. I’ll be the one at the edge of the seat.
    You, that are a poet and compose them in the air…

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